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Emotibot wants to help chatbots know how you really feel

 Emotional intelligence is a hard thing to achieve, even in humans. B

NFL games come to CBS’s streaming service, starting this Sunday

 CBS this week announced a significant deal with the NFL that could

Amazon isn’t playing nice with Plex’s new cloud service

 Media server software Plex, which helps you organize your own librar

The periodic table gets four new official additions

 Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson are officially officia

Uber accused of helping drivers break taxi laws in Danish test case

 Uber’s European business has been indicted in a Danish court o

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SB Nation - NFL

Bills are finally in the playoff hunt, thanks to their new offensive coordinator

Rex Ryan promoted Anthony Lynn to the offensive coordinator job

NFL custom cleats are here, so let's figure out what ours would look like

Players should get to wear the cleats they want when they want,

Cam Newton isn’t buying Richard Sherman’s ‘karma’ comments over the 12th Man banner

What’s karma got to do with it? After the Panthers defeated

Joe McKnight killed in Louisiana shooting

McKnight was shot and killed Thursday afternoon. Joe McKnight,

Rob Gronkowski’s injury leaves the Patriots with a void the size of a large party bus

New England is losing its best player not named Tom Brady. Nob

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Brian Cushing -- 'Very Distraught' Over Joe McKnight (VIDEO)

Brian Cushing is taking the death of his former USC teammate, Joe Mc

Beer Mile -- Record Holder Lands Shoe Deal ... With ADIDAS!!

There's a new Beer Mile record holder in town ... and not only is h

Nico Rosberg -- I'M OUT ... Retires After 1st Formula One Championship

There will be no repeat victory for Formula One champ Nico Rosberg .

Tomi Lahren -- Peace Summit with Trevor Noah ... As for Dating a Black Guy ... (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah and conservative firebrand Tomi Lahre

Joe McKnight -- Shooter Released from Custody ... No Charges Filed

The man who shot Joe McKnight has been released from custody and no

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Reuters - Business

Payrolls rise solidly; jobless rate at nine-year low

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers boosted hiring in November and the un

S&P, Nasdaq rise after two days of losses; Dow slips

(Reuters) - The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq rose in morning trade on Friday, lif

Investor Cuban to testify at Senate hearing on AT&T-Time Warner deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Mark Cuban will be among the wi

Traders keep bets on Fed rate hike later this month

(Reuters) - Traders of U.S. short-term interest-rate futures kept bets on F

Starbucks' CEO transition unlikely to disrupt growth: analysts

(Reuters) - Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz's decision to step dow

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WSJ - Politics

Trump Names Gen. James Mattis as Pick for Defense Secretary

The retired Marine Corps general has been a vocal critic of what he calls W

United Tech CEO's Pilgrimage to Trump Tower Ends in Deal

Greg Hayes’ pilgrimage to Trump Tower ended roughly two weeks of intensiv

Trump Warns Firms Will See Penalties if Jobs Leave the U.S.

The president-elect vowed to punish U.S. companies that shift jobs overseas

Critics Try to Derail Ellison's Bid to Run DNC

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who has campaigned hardest to become Democrat

Labor Department Appeals Injunction on Overtime-Pay Rule

The Labor Department is appealing an injunction that halted the Dec. 1 impl

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