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Here Are 18 Redundant-Ass Phrases That Are Redundant

Here they are! Please RSVP Why "please RSVP" is

An Australian Official Accidentally Released Obama's Personal Details In An Email

The passport information of G20 leaders was mistakenly emailed to the org

17 Leggings Every Nerdy Girl Needs In Her Life

You should lock your wallet away before reading this. Wor

Watch Angelina Jolie's Inspiring Speech At The Kid's Choice Awards

“Different is good.” On Saturday Angelina Jol

12 Ways To Relive Your '90s Childhood As An Adult

For when your inner child wants to get turnt.

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Adobe’s New iPad App Lets Designers Quickly Sketch Out Layout Ideas On Mobile

 Adobe is adding another product to its growing family of tightly int

Schrödinger’s Meerkat

 We humans are mostly boring. Our daily activity, unless carefully cu

Choose Your Own Startup Funding Adventure

 During April, the nation will observe Financial Literacy Month ̵

Naritiv Helped ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Get 800K Snapchat Followers In 3 Months

 With every big social content network comes tools and services for b

Flipboard Launches Private Magazines For Groups

 Flipboard, an online and mobile service that allows readers to expl

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SB Nation - NFL

Every important NFL free agency rumor in one place

Keep up with the latest from the NFL rumor mill. NFL free agen

Browns fined for Textgate, GM suspended 4 games

General manager Ray Farmer will be suspended for the first four

Why the NFL loves college basketball players

Overcome with March Madness, Danny Kelly explains why so many N

Falcons expected to lose draft pick for artificial crowd noise, according to report

The Falcons are expected to lose a draft pick for piping in cro

2015 NFL mock draft: Moving Marcus Mariota back up

For the past several weeks, the Oregon Heisman Trophy winner ha

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Dallas Mavericks - YouTub...

Dallas Mavericks Academy Elite

Dallas Mavericks Academy Elite From: dallasmavericks Views: 372

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Academy

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Academy From: dallasmavericks Views: 298

Shut Up and Dance with Dirk

Shut Up and Dance with Dirk Last night, Dirk Nowitzki became the first

DMD Routine vs OKC on 03.16.15

DMD Routine vs OKC on 03.16.15 The Mavs Dancers perform a new hip hop r

Mavs Minute: Spurs

Mavs Minute: Spurs From: dallasmavericks Views: 276 18 ratin

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Dog the Bounty Hunter -- Freeze Mother F***er!!! How Much For Your Pooch?

Dog the Bounty Hunter is so into dogs, he tried to buy one off a fug

Boxer Jermain Taylor -- I'm No Terrorist ... Pleads Not Guilty In Gun Incident

Boxing superstar Jermain Taylor just appeared in court ... and said

The Game -- Accused of Unleashing Mike Tyson Fist in a Hollywood Basketbrawl

Well, that didn't take long -- one week after The Game got

Brett Ratner Kissing NOT Mariah Carey (PHOTOS)

Hmmmm ...  Don't know what to say about this. Brett Ratner

'Price Is Right' -- 84-Year-Old Sinks Putt ... Wins Car!

Hope Tiger Woods is paying attention ... An 84-year-old woman named

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TMZ - YouTube

Snoop Dogg -- Nuthin' But a TMZ Cameraman ... and He's Awesome!

Snoop Dogg -- Nuthin' But a TMZ Cameraman ... and He's Awesome!

Christina Milian’s Butt Double!

Christina Milian’s Butt Double! We thought we had a video of Chri

Blac Chyna -- Hey Kylie, Watch and Learn

Blac Chyna -- Hey Kylie, Watch and Learn Kylie Jenner may have had the

Ralphie May -- Screw Ludacris ... Paul Walker Joke at Bieber's Roast Was Funny

Ralphie May -- Screw Ludacris ... Paul Walker Joke at Bieber's Roast

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Sardine Effect

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Sardine Effect If you're in Vegas to s

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Rolling Stone - Main

Ringside at 'WrestleMania': We Bought In, for Better or Worse

In 1987, I was 8 years old and WWE was my life. It was the company's origin

'Fear the Walking Dead' Trailer: Calm Before the Swarm

"Morning, Los Angeles — hope you got your flu shot," says a DJ in a promo

Miranda Lambert Merges Country and Classic Rock at Madison Square Garden

"We all agree that there should be more women in country music," Miranda La

Smashing Pumpkins Create PTSD Metaphor With 'Drum + Fife' Video

A group of boys play in a rocky desert and bang a drum in the video for Sm

'WrestleMania': Seth Rollins Reigns in California

Let the goodwill tour begin, as WWE basks in the aura of its best-received

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Reuters - Business

With blog, Bernanke has new platform to make old argument

(Reuters) - Ben Bernanke launched a blog on Monday, giving the former Feder

SEC accuses financier Lynn Tilton of defrauding investors

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators took aim at the flamboyant financier

Wall Street higher as biotechs rally on M&A deals

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks rallied more than 1 percent on Monday, wit

Pending home sales give hopeful sign for U.S. housing market

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Contracts to purchase previously owned U.S. homes ro

Oil eases as big powers negotiate with Iran

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices slipped on Monday as officials from Iran and

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WSJ - Politics

Tax Plans Would Move U.S. Closer to Norm

The Outlook: U.S. lawmakers on both sides increasingly are finding appeal i

Rubio Makes Plans for 2016 Election Run

Sen. Marco Rubio is laying plans to announce his presidential bid in two we

Obama Ramps Up Lobbying on Iran

The White House has expressed a willingness to accept legislation that woul

Indiana Moves to Clarify Religious-Objections Law

Indiana legislative leaders said they are working on a bill to clarify a re

Needle Swaps Gain Currency

Evidence that HIV and hepatitis C are spreading among intravenous drug user

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