What exactly IS FeedSavvy.com?

FeedSavvy.com is a place you can consolidate everything you want from the web, allowing you to browse faster, browse easier, and browse better! We use syndicated content from across the web, think of us as a cable provider, and the feeds are the channels.

That sounds pretty awesome, how much is it?

FeedSavvy.com is FREE!

I want my feed to be featured on FeedSavvy.com, what do I need to do?

If you would like your RSS feed to be featured on the home page, please email Featured@FeedSavvy.com.

I can't find my favorite website when I search, what gives?

We are still currently building our search database, and if you can't find your favorite using our search bar, you can always add it on your own.

How do I add a feed on my own, I'm not that savvy.

No problem! We have created how-to videos on what you need to do. Watch the videos on our website, or check out our YouTube channel for more tips! http://www.youtube.com/user/FeedSavvy?feature=mhee

I have a suggestion, who do I email?

If you have a suggestion for the service, please email feedback@FeedSavvy.com